These Videos Will be on youtube for your viewing pleasure along with sackloads of Raw content from sessions. (or you can refer to it as: incriminating evidence) #googlefired

SkateBarn 25 years tribute:
Reeling in the years, after a serious digital download session I finally am bringing in the Archives. Just gonna run them raw/unedited. Scrub through looking for yourself skating, or put it on while you do the dishes. Please! Like and Subscribe to the Channel. There will be plenty more coming soon! These sessions are from the Matt and Doug Tour 02, Picked up a car in FL Skated from Daytona, Kona, Hanks Hanger Bowl, and Wilmington (this entire vid will be out soon, guaranteed to bore you senseless). Another Session of a trip to the 5.9 bowl in Wilmington, and a trip with my son around 08. Filmed by Rob Nelson, Dirty, and Skylar Nelson. Skaters: Rob Nelson Dirty Clint Childress Gut Rochelle Susan Krause Marshall Frank Gullo James Lee Skylar Nelson Few unknowns