Travel and Adventure



Travel, the best opportunity to capture pictures from your point of view while experiencing new
experiences. I’ve been fortunate to do some extensive traveling over the years, and at times getting some
“Happy Accidents” or really nailing the shot. One of the things about travel photography is pulling out all
the gear, the post processing that comes with all that, or just grabbing shots with your phone camera and

sharing on Social Media. The unfortunate thing about that is, it just gets buried in a day or so. Fortunately,
the phone cameras are getting better, and some possible gems can be had, and some great perspectives
can be captured just carrying a camera in your pocket.

Does skateboarding fit into the Action category? Today it does. I’ll end up putting anything action
related that turned out, in this category. Enjoy the shots. Last updated 10/10/21

All images are copyrighted with built in Metadata, do not for any purpose reuse any of these shots without permission. Email Here