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What’s written below was the intro on the original page, it was not written well and didn’t speak for everyone, but it didn’t matter. I may have added a few sessions here or there to the Wanchese page. More often than not they just became pages for what ever happened that week or weekend. The result is a LARGE cache of Wanchese pics. I know because I have been digging through them and organizing everything. The original site changed servers a couple times, countless desktops and laptops, and storage from DVD’s to Hard drives to External Hard drives. It was a lot to go through and organize. The best part is seeing what a complete turd of a photographer I was, more or less a hack. There are many shots that are from other photogs and I am ALWAYS going to give credit when I can. If I miss something. Call me out on DM @eastcoastaholic. I’ll fix it. This is your site as much as it is mine. Just want an archive for all of us to enjoy.


Wanchese, or “The Chief”named after the respect we have for the late Indian Chief Wanchese, stands as a monument to DIY. Just like Chief Wanchese the locals that skate and surf on the Outer Banks did not settle for what was going on around town and decided to change their scene. Over a two year period of long weekends, cutting wood, and heaps of donations and help from all over, the Bowl was finished. Over the course of the last year many a good sessions have gone down. Here will lie some of those sessions. For those of you who have a thing for The Chief, check back often, I will prob. update every weekend with new pics if the mood strikes. New ground is broken every session…


Phase 1: Dec 2000 to about Aug 2002
In the beginning was the building of the round bowl. The idea was to build the entire bowl with treated lumber, off the ground on pilings like a house, and layer it with skatelite. We probably skated that part after we finished it for what seemed like a year. Learning to cut templates without wasting wood, cutting a mountain of curved ribs, pouring concrete for the lip, and making sure we took a skate trip or two during decent weekends. At one point there was talk about a full pipe instead of the square, we eventually squashed that idea and ended up with the square bowl with an oververt pocket, a nod to FDR. These shots are a combo of Myself, Corbett, Steve Riskus , Bryan Lathrop. Maybe a few from others idk. (inform me)

The first sessions were insane, riding the wood layer showed us some of lines, but by the time the walk boards were pulled and Durand Beasley  snaked Corbett for the first skatelite run, the verdict was in! This bowl was fast, perfect, and the lines were endless. People were coming out of the cracks, some brought Cash, some brought Grass, plenty of people busted their ass, very few rode for free! Mostly people always showed up with skate product or beer. These sessions were the best. FL, SC,GA,NC,TN,VA, MD, DE, PA, OH, NY, RI, MA,CT,CA,TX,AZ,CO,OR,WA Canada the list goes on! There wasn’t a skater that rode roundwall in this universe that didn’t try and get out here and get in on these sessions. It went from full to half steam until about 2012-2013. There was an over abundance of terrain, well, everywhere! People were building things all over this beach, and everywhere else it seemed new DIY scenes were sprouting like wildfire.  Not mention all the skateparks built in the country in that time period. For me it was the screw heads that were popping up while you were going mach speed, most people could handle a full speed splat on the wall from a screw in your tire. Not me! However, The BMX dudes are still riding in there to this day! 

One of the interesting aspects of these pics were how bad at photography I was. Most shots are out of frame, bad angles, blurry, noisy, the list goes on. Fortunately a rather large stockpile of shots came in from Photogs that eventually became mentors to me. Some unknowingly… As I would go through their donated shots and see what angles, and lighting techniques they used, I began to purchase equipment and get a little better. I’ll do my best to give credit where its needed. I’ve lost track of who took what at times, so the list here could be : Steve Riskus, Josh Baker , Bernie Mcgrew, Barry Whitesides, Jaime Stapula, Bryan Lathrop, Neil Wade, Willie Sions, Glenn Gutierrez, Virgil Trip, Scott and Lotta Perryman So many. Jesse Davis gave me that first fisheye lens. Think it doubed on my video camera too. You think I could afford some damn gear!  I’ll keep the names updated as I put up more shots. 

Keep this album going before I break into some of the later sessions.  There are a bunch of cornfest albums, I prob just add those by the year they are labeled.

Again, If see a shot that you took. hit me on Eastcoastaholic, I want to tag them.