Where did you go? Servers cost money, storage from 18 years of photography and file management range anywhere from Cd’s, DVD’s and Hard drives. Getting all these pics in a organized fashion so to represent them has taken a few sit down sessions of file naming, deleting, and moving.

Back in the HTML days of Dreamweaver, every image had to live on a html page, provided you created a thumbnail that could link to it. This became a huge workload and ECA foundered and sank in the wake of more Responsive Mobile friendly sites and Social Media. I never became a web design guru. I became a “Intro to Web Design Instructor” that dabbled in many aspects of Technology. I used eca to learn html, CSS, and later Content Management systems like WordPress. I helped people with cheap, basic portfolio websites, landing page sites. If there was webcommerce or major content involved I just crumbled over the workload, usually there was never enough money to set aside time from my other paying jobs and anything that was happening personally in my life at the time. Eventually volunteering to design websites phased itself out over the last 5 years. The last site I got paid for was for a Jesus Loving Mouse for kids!

Lately I have been involved in Drone Photography :

I teach a Drone Flight School class at the College where I work FT as IT/Computer for the last 18 years. Basically the College has provided a nice opportunity to help provide a couple essential things to remain living at a Beach year round. Health insurance, pay checks, and other benefits are not an easy thing to come by in a tourist town. A lot of things changed over the last 25 years. All I really wanted to do at 25 was surf and skate. As long as that was feasible everything else would work right? Kinda…

Skateboarding, lately? Well if you know me, you know I destroyed my right arm in a dirt bike accident in 1998. It was paralyzed and while I was home feeling sorry for myself, my good friend Dirty came over and hit me with it, told me to get my shit together and come skate this mini ramp at the Sandbox which was a small skatepark in town on the Beach owned by some local BMX dudes. I had already created a sling that could keep this noodlle arm from wigging around so I could Surf, (with fins on, bodyboard, kneeboard etc…) and still Sail my boats. So it actually worked. This led to many of great adventures. It was a great aversion from the residual phantom arm pain that to this day rides in waves through my day. So add that to the joint pain that is inevitable at 51 and skated since I was 7. Isn’t 44 years enough? Nah, not done yet, just enjoying some other aspects of life currently. Just set up a new board last week. May see me kickturning some small spot near you soon.

Did you read all that babble? Shit I’m sorry. Figured this is a great spot to spill it from time to time.